For The Record: Mychael Danna

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This CD with film music by Mychael Danna is the second in a series that was given the name ‘For the Record’. The intention is not just to offer a tangible souvenir of the concerts given in Ghent but also to contribute to the distribution of valuable and innovative film music. In 2007, Danna was a guest at the World Soundtrack Awards with an unforgettable concert. The album 'For the Record: Mychael Danna' was recorded with the Brussels Philharmonic under the direction of Dirk Brossé in the Flagey Studios. "The Ice Storm" was recorded live during the World Soundtrack Awards in 2007.


1. Being Julia - Suite (5:12)
2. Capote - Suite (9:13)
3. Little Miss Sunshine - Do You Think There’s A Heaven / How It Ends / We’re Gonna Make It (4:35)
4. Shattered Glass - Suite (2:10)
5. Vanity Fair - Suite (10:28)
6. Where the Truth Lies – Suite (6:57)
7. Ice Storm – Suite (Live performance at the World Soundtrack Awards 2007) (9:50)