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Music for Film: Marco Beltrami

Music for Film: Marco Beltrami

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Film Fest Gent presents ‘Marco Beltrami: Music for Film’, the first compilation album of Marco Beltrami’s film music, performed by Brussels Philharmonic and conducted by Dirk Brossé

Marco Beltrami is one of the most prolific film composers working today. His breakthrough scores for the Scream franchise innovated the horror genre, and he has since lent his unique and distinct scoring style to a wide variety of high-profile films. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards (for 3:10 to Yuma and The Hurt Locker) and won an Emmy Award (with co-composer Brandon Roberts) for the score for Free Solo in 2019. Beltrami was the guest of honour at the 2019 World Soundtrack Awards Gala & Concert, where the pieces on this CD were performed live in concert. 

‘Marco Beltrami: Music for Film’ contains a selection of the very best scores in Beltrami’s oeuvre, carefully arranged as concert suites by Mikael Carlsson* and newly recorded by MotorMusic at Flagey’s legendary Studio 4 in Brussels especially for this album. As a bonus, the cues “Chasing the Tail” from World War Z and “End Cue” from The Drop have never been released before! 

The CD was released on 18 October 2019 and is licensed to Silva Screen Records.


  1. Scream – Suite
  2. Hellboy – Suite*
  3. World War Z – Suite*
  4. World War Z – Chasing the Tail
  5. Snowpiercer – Suite
  6. The Homesman – Suite*
  7. The Drop – End Cue*
  8. Gods of Egypt – Suite*
  9. A Quiet Place – A Quiet Life*
  10. Free Solo – Final Climb


“This is a terrific compilation: you can tell how much effort has gone in to make it into a cohesive listen from start to finish and not the “sequence of good tracks” approach that is often the case with these things (…) It would be quite a thing to attend the concert itself, but for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have the means to do so, enjoy instead this wonderful album, which offers an intelligently-arranged journey through a fine composer’s career. The performance by the Brussels Philharmonic under the redoubtable Dirk Brossé is faultless. This is probably the film music album of 2019 so far.” – James Southall, Movie Wave

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Music for Film: Marco Beltrami
Music for Film: Marco Beltrami
Music for Film: Marco Beltrami
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