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Music For Film: Gabriel Yared

Music For Film: Gabriel Yared

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Celebrating Gabriel Yared’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2020 World Soundtrack Awards, Film Fest Ghent releases the album Gabriel Yared: Music for Film. Available internationally for the first time, this expanded reissue provides a comprehensive overview of the celebrated composer’s work for film, including music from Camille Claudel, his Academy Award-winning score The English Patient and The Talented Mr Ripley.

On the 10th anniversary of the original album, Film Fest Ghent in collaboration with Gabriel Yared has updated this unique compilation with 50 minutes of newly recorded music from the composer’s rich oeuvre, expanding it to a double-disc album. The additional tracks include specially created suites from Troy, L’avion, Les saveurs du Palais and Tom à la ferme as well as recordings of the concert suites from classic scores such as Betty Blue and City of Angels.

Gabriel Yared: Music for Film is performed by the Brussels Philharmonic and Vlaams Radiokoor, conducted by Film Fest Ghent music director Dirk Brossé, and features Gabriel Yared himself on piano for selected pieces.

The new album is licensed to Silva Screen Records and will be released during the 48th edition of Film Fest Ghent in October 2021.


CD 1

  1. The English Patient – Suite
  2. L’avion (The Plane) – Suite*
  3. L’arche et les déluges (The Ark and the Deluge) – Cascades
  4. L’arche et les déluges (The Ark and the Deluge) – Oasis Terre
  5. Map of the Human Heart – Suite
  6. L’amant (The Lover) – Main Theme*
  7. Tatie Danielle (Auntie Danielle) – Suite*
  8. Camille Claudel – Camille
  9. Camille Claudel – Camille et Rodin
  10. Ut Jucundas*
  11. La romana – Nostalgia
  12. La lune dans le caniveau (The Moon in the Gutter) – La folie des docks
  13. La lune dans le caniveau (The Moon in the Gutter) – Fugue de la cathédrale
  14. La lune dans le caniveau (The Moon in the Gutter) – Tango de l’impasse
  15. Bon voyage – Bon voyage

CD 2

  1. Homage to Maurice Jarre
  2. Troy – Suite
  3. The Talented Mr Ripley – Syncopes
  4. The Talented Mr Ripley – Lullaby for Cain
  5. The Talented Mr Ripley – Crazy Tom
  6. The Life Ahead – Rosa’s Theme*
  7. 37°2 le matin (Betty Blue) – Suite**
  8. Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky – Départ pour Grasse*
  9. Possession – Possesso
  10. Les saveurs du Palais (Haute Cuisine) – Suite*
  11. Tom à la ferme (Tom at the Farm) – Suite*
  12. Autumn in New York – Elegy for Charlotte*
  13. City of Angels – Suite*
  14. Wings of Courage – Suite
  15. Amelia – End Credits*


* Previously unreleased

** Contains previously unreleased material

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Music For Film: Gabriel Yared
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