Tussen vrijdag 22 december en 7 januari is het kantoor van Film Fest Gent gesloten. Bestellingen die in deze periode geplaatst worden, worden pas opgestuurd of kunnen worden afgehaald vanaf 8 januari.

The Oyster Princess - New score by the Flat Earth Society

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Oyster King Quaker has everything in life that can be bought. He is a perfectly satisfied parvenu. This is not the case for his daughter Ossi who urgently wants a husband - a prince at the very least. Matchmaker Seligson brings her into contact with pennyless prince Nucki, a notorious boozer and party animal. Nucki orders his personal lackee Jozef to investigate the marriage proposal. By doing so he turns the enterprise into chaos. At the festival several years ago, Peter Vermeersch and his band Flat Earth Society (FES) accompanied the screening of the Ernst Lubitsch movie 'The Oyster Princess' with live music. The result of this experiment has appeared on DVD. Apart from 'The Oyster Princess', the DVD also contains a second film that was accompanied with music by FES: 'The 12th cycle race of Brasschaet'. This used to be a very famous international bicycle race, attracting busloads of supporters. Jules Van Volxem made a beautiful report of this race on nitrate film, which is also a fascinating document of historical importance and a hilarious tranche de vie. This DVD is a co-production of the Royal Film Archives in Brussels and Bonk vzw, with the support of Gent Film Festival and the Flemish Community.

Subtitles and navigation: English, Dutch, French

Runtime: 64 minutes (The Oyster Princess) + 12 minutes (The 12th cycle race of Brasschaet)